Girls, good letter to my ex to get her back?

I am going to read this to her in person and look her in the eyes when I do. (Fingers Crossed)
Please provide additional notes worth adding to the message or if something sounds weird.
(She's with a rebound guy, less than a week after breaking up)

The past 2 weeks or so I have been searching everywhere on how to get your ex back. Truth is all of them suck. None of them apply to our unique and special situation. This is not trying to sound desperate, and I hope this isn't clingy because thats part of the reason you left. The past 8 months my life has improved dramatically. The first day I saw you, I knew there was something special. Your'e the best thing thats ever happened too me. Everything I am telling you is coming directly from my heart and onto this paper. I understand the relationship we had is hard. I have a plan to fix all of this. I am not the most attractive guy, not the most masculine, or the nicest guy ever. Meeting you has been a gift all on it's own. I am not going to play the sad or the begging card. I want you to date this guy, but I would be honored to have the next spot in line. You are a special girl who deserves everything good. The most unique and cutest girl I have ever met. Anyway I had two options. Do what this "love website" tells me. Or to do what my heart tells me to do and pursue the girl of my dreams. I can't speak for anyone else, but in my eyes you are truly the most beautiful girl in the world on the inside and out. I love all of you. These gifts are small, but they mean much more than what theyr'e worth. When you take this "promise ring" you officially have a best friend for the rest of your life.
May I be your best friend forever? May I have the next spot?

I have a promise ring I bought a long time ago, and a necklace I never got to give to her.
If you were in this position... Yes or No?
We broke up because it's hard to see each other. Her parents don't know about her and I.
She is 18, I am 16. Please vote. :)
"If it were you."
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Most Helpful Girl

  • This makes me want to cry, I wish my ex would do this. This is so beautiful man, I hope she comes back to you.

    • Hey Lovelyy I am going to ask quite a few people this... I don't think I should ask... Should I try to kiss her? I know she is in a rebound and I think if I can seal it with a kiss it would be perfect. Good idea or bad idea? Again we are on very good terms.

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    • Thanks if you want I will let you know what happens. :)

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What Girls Said 7

  • First of all, most girls don't like when you speak about your or her ex (I don't). I'm not going to tell you to change anything, since it comes from your heart. My mom always says that age is nothing but a number, so what she's 2 years older than you? That's nothing! I always tell people to follow there heart. Why did you guys break up in the first place?
    Hope this is of help, and I will definitely be thinking about you Gman77 when you speak to "her" good luck!!

    • Any recommendations other than the one you provided? I want her back more than anything.

  • The letter sounds good, but I wouldn't immediately give her the necklace too. That would seem quite pathetic. Also, im not sure about the letter reading in person-thing. It might be awkward if she is mad at you right now. Depending on the situation, it could work but it could also come across as too clingy.

    The letter itself is beautiful. I wish you the best.

    • She isn't mad actually we are really good friends. Think I have a good chance?

    • You have a good chance if she isn't serious about the rebound :)

  • I'd usually find this kind of thing pathetic but yours isn't at all. Definitely read it to her, hope she comes back 😊

    • I am going to ask quite a few people this... I don't think I should ask... Should I try to kiss her? I know she is in a rebound and I think if I can seal it with a kiss it would be perfect. Good idea or bad idea? Again we are on very good terms.

    • If it seems like its working to your advantage, try and kiss her otherwise don't force it, just follow her reaction.

    • Good call I will look for a sure fire sign. :)

  • Dude, thats really beautiful!! DAMN I wish my ex would do that! You go dude! I wish you all the luck in the world, you better tell me what happens!

  • That's very cute, but I hope she doesn't misunderstand that by you saying "best friend" you don't mean friend-zone.

    Anyway, I would take it.

    • I think because of how long we were together, she knows deep down inside I love her to death... I don't think I will. She also promised me the next spot in line when she was done with her rebound.

    • Hopefully she lives up to that promise. Good luck!! :D

  • Well if she's with a guy now u might not wanna try to kiss her cause that might cause conflict but wow that was impressive

    • Thank you :) I apperciate it. This guy... isn't necessarily as mature as I am and the funny part is he is was older. They have already argued once, I presume with a kiss it will seal the deal?

    • Ok in thst case... it may cause conflict but if ur younger and more mature then u deserve her more aspecially sense u guys were together so long and if she's cuddling with u then she obviously still likes u go for it but be cautious

  • It seems fine by what you said but the fact that she has a new guy makes feel like she didn't really care about you.


What Guys Said 1

  • Most of what you wrote is about you. What you want. How you perceive her, etc.

    You need to make it more about her. Saying that she should get back with you because she improved YOUR life isn't going to cut it. The key is how you improved HER life.

    Rewrite it bro and include how you benefit her. Why it is in HER best interests to get back with you. She is going to be thinking, "yeah, no shit I'm the best you've ever had or ever will have but why would I want to be with him just to make things better for HIM?" She needs to be thinking, "yes he is good for me."

    • Thanks that's really good, I have posted this multiple times and no one has said that!
      Thank you. Which option should I go about kissing her?

    • I will change it but she cares about me a crap ton... I know she does.. But I will make it more about her.

    • I would ask. Shows more respect for her.

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