If a guy does not give a very good excuse why he broke up with you, and also says he doesn't know why he wanted to break up, would you be worried?

So my ex broke up with me; however, he did not give a really good excuse why. I asked him why he broke up with me and he said he did not know. I also asked if it was something I did and he said no.
It should also be noted that he is a boiler welder; however he is unemployed and does not intend to go to college. Meanwhile, I am going to college in the fall to be a teacher at IUP.
He also introduced me to his whole family and a week before we broke up, he seemed so happy to be with me. I hanged out with him on Sunday, his mom lent me books and I was returning them (I did not hear from him for three weeks), and he was wearing a t-shirt I had given him. When we were taking he has this look on his face which I really can not explain when he looked at me, he even made the sound he usually did when he wants something while looking at me (he told me that he saw that it was annoying me with the sound, but after I told him that it made me concerned he quit). We spent the rest of the day together and we had a really great time.
His brother has made it onto a AA hockey team and I was invited by his dad to celebrate it, my ex was not going to go, but after I said that I would go my ex automatically wanted to go and he rode with me free willingly in my car. It also seemed like I had the most fun with him than I did while we dated, he was nice to me and did not try to tease me.
i still have feelings for him, but I'm a little unsure.
What are your thoughts?


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  • if you see that he also seems to have feelings for you then one of you must ask if the other person feels the same way. I think anyone of you can go for it. But beware, he is yet to give you explanation for why he broke up. I think you must try to approach him and spend some more time together and see if he also seems interested.

    • I've decided to take things slow. He says he wants to remain friends and I'm find with that.
      I feel a relationship is built on friendship and trust. Just seeing how things work.

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  • Well if you already tried to have an adult conversation with him about the breakup then there's not much you can do really if he says he doesn't know why he broke up with you. Me personally I would take it as he just didn't want to be with me anymore. and I would work towards try to moving on. But it seems like you guys are still cool and friends. I couldn't live in mystery Is have to ask him what's the deal with us.

    • Like I have been trying to ask him, but trying not to annoy him about it. My mom told me it's probably because he was realizing that he was falling in love and got scared because maybe he didn't see himself fit for me, I want to go to college and he does not. Though I could care less about that at this time.

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  • No, I wouldn't be worried, I would be relieved.

    Anyone who leaves you for "no reason" is someone who has something wrong within themselves and is clearly too indecisive to be in a healthy relationship. If anyone has to honestly question if they want me or not, then decides to break up with me, but realizes they had no reason to... well, I dodged a bullet because that person does NOT know what they want out of life and clearly didn't like me that much to begin with.

  • hi might be jelly of your aspirations and others' achievement - like his brother's, and also of the fact that you have been accepted by his family and have a good relationships with them. He seems to have tough unemployment times and maybe finds it is hard for him to be there for his friends and families that are clearly having a better luck. He may not be aware himself and possibly feels deep inside he is doesn't deserve you... but isn't sure how to tell you without being seeing as a looser. Observe carefully whilst you are around. If he is your true friend he would celebrate your achievements with you. Try to see how he gets on with his brother - that should shed some lights on his personality traits


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