Broken up, I have no idea what to do. could you help me?

hey everyone thank you for reading this in advance!
im 31 she's 25.
I've been with her for about 4 years.
I've dealt with her cheating with multiple men last year
lots of people said to just leave. i said give her another chance
i gave her another chance. things went well until a few days ago
for about a month now I've noticed a lot of disinterest from her
no sex, formal way of speaking to one another, barely any phone calls. i knew something was up.
my gut instinct told me that she was cheating or had someone else in mind, or just simply isn't feeling me anymore.
so i confronted her. she said she lost interest in me. she changed herself a lot to make things work and she lost herself. she loves me but she isn't IN LOVE with me. im not the one. and she doesn't want to fix it.
all of this to me was fine and dandy because i knew that it was gonna boil down to this.
i can admit, i wasn't really acting like how a MAN should act.
i was always nice, predictable, very much in a routine. always available.
i think thats a very bad combination for a breakup. complete loss of interest. more so it could cause her to find interest elsewhere. resulting in cheating.
for some reason i dont feel much. its not like i dont care.
we booked a vacation to the caribbean. she still wants me there.
im not sure if everything she said was out of anger. i dont know if she meant it all. if she was serious. i dont know.
i have spoken to her since. its been 5 days so far.
part of me says to go on vacation for the hell of it and just have a blast.
and part of me doesn't.
id like to know where her mindframe is at. if she doesn't want nothing to do with me anymore. why she would still want me there on vacation with her.
could it be a vacation we both need? i dont know.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Don't turn down a vacation man, it's all you need especially with the amount stress you've been through. Maybe she still wants to be with you but I don't think she's good for you anyway it's all up to you. If she really doesn't want you then you could always get another girl in Caribbean. It's a win win situation, just go for a vacation and have fun.


Most Helpful Guy

  • You need to move past this girl. In all reality she doesn't seem like she's worth the headaches. Nonetheless, I do believe you need a vacation but just you alone and perhaps some guy friends but not her.


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  • She is a cheater and you are masochist if you want to still try and fix this.

  • She dont want spend the vacation alone maybe and once you back from there she will back to her routing cheating. She cheated you many time for god sake man up and leave this whore


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