This guy flirted for years but, I found out he's not really attracted to me? That's why nothing never came from it?

I don't want to make a big deal out of this, I was very attracted to a guy for a very long time. We flirted back and forth for years nothing never came from it. Just mixed signals and games. Anyway I heard through the grape vine, the reason why nothing never happened was because he didn't find me attractive.
He loved my personality and even my smile but wasn't physically attracted and just wanted to remain friends.
I just didn't understand cause it was a lot that happened in between and he makes me feel as if it's all in my mind.
And now I also heard that he's now have another girlfriend. So, I'm fine although I chased him for three years him having a new girl, and me hearing he wasn't attracted to me after 3 years of flirting back and forth I'm over it. But I still think he thinks I want more. I don't give no strange flirting signals, I'm a nice person always will be. I don't text him randomly anymore. I do respond to his texts, and if it ain't work related I won't text him. I don't want to interfere in his new relationship anyway. Besides I've been liking him for three years now, if it ain't happen it won't ever. Fine!.
How can I get him to understand I'm okay and don't want nothing from him? I wish him well, and how can I get him to understand he doesn't have to flirt with me to keep our friendship. I feel like he pretends to flirt because he's scared I'll leave and stop being friends. And from what I heard he really appreciate our friendship?
I'm kind of stuck, on how to proceed. It's also no secret he knew I liked him.
Actually I'm relieved, for years I wondered why? But I'm moving on.
What can I do so he understands he doesn't have to be concerned and he could live his life in peace


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  • maybe he is just a natural flirt.

    • Maybe, but it's been one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride. In the end of remaining hopeful being patient I lost, he gave me a lot of reasons to be hopeful.. but with this new found information I'm determined to let go, he loves me only as a friend.

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