Girls, would you respond to an ex under these circumstances?

So after a short period of no contact you decide to send you ex a text asking him if he's OK.

He doesn't respond.

A week goes by you get a nice and kind response from him... would you respond to him?

If so, would you respond 'quickly' or wait a week or so?


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  • The same thing happened to me. He sent me a email after 2 weeks of no contact. He said, "I hope you're doing well". I sent back, "I am, I hope you're doing well, too." Then he asked me for my phone number (we didn't end well and I told him to delete it).

    We've already made out once after that. :/


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  • I wouldn't respond because a text doesn't take a week to get. I mean if he had the decency to respond back, thanks, but a week? I'd understand a day, but a week is a drag.

    • Some times it takes a lot of gut for a guy to respond to a text... especially if he was the one who was dumped. We constantly over think the girl's contact, wondering whether she's having second thoughts of the break up, etc..

  • No i would not respond to him...


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