What to do about my ex?

Over the last 5 months I have been conversing with my Ex , first by email then by Facebook and I do get a reply (this can take a few days and I believe bit is because he is busy with his with as a bar leader and that he is choosing his words carefully).

We broke up after I said I said anything in the wrong way which i didn't mean, what "you and me are very didn't people" what I meant was "were need to slow down" this was at the time where I was being confused by other people, whilst being unsure what I wanted.

I have asked him to casually meet for coffee, he told me he had a week off he replied with "I'm not sure it's a good Idea :/" but the continued to ask a bit my trip to London ( am I right in think he is hesitant and unsure what he wants?).
I seem to get the fastest response when we trek about one direction or if I tell him in working hard, we have talked about the future in the form of my upcoming holiday.
What I really need to know is when (or should I) ask to meet up again?
Should I ask to call him?
Should I tell him my good be, that I'm out to my family? This was a part of my live he was but happy with.
Should I as I last resort try to see him at his flat?
Should iv ever say I miss you?
Is there a point I should give up?
I think he dose miss me and he still cares I think he does still care or the would not talk to me I'm giving us both a two Month break, and I am finding it very hard not taking with him due to the political time we are in and its, one of his interest.

What should I do?


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  • If you don't feel it's going anywhere, that is when you should just give it up and move on.


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