What have you guy's done to get your ex back that actually worked?

Any suggestions please!!!


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  • Do nothing, walk away/move on...
    If they still have interest they will reach out once their curiosity gets the better of them, than you have control of the situation...
    Chasing rarely works in the long run, keep your self respect/dignity..

    • True but what if it's better for you to be with them then not. Can't you stay friend? Does apologizing work?

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    • You put yourself in his orbit, I am unsure if there is any more you could be doing than after 7 months

    • Really?

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  • Tried and failed to get over him. Prayed hard and got a sign from God to not let go. So I stayed hopeful and eventually he came back to me, and now we're still together.

    • What sign did you get? How long did it take for him to come back?

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    • He was the one who ended it, so I didn't really have anything to apologize for. And yeah, we were friends before we dated so he wanted to go back to that after we broke up. I agreed because I didn't want to lose him, but it was hard.

    • I'm the one that wanted to continue to stay friends because I didn't want to lose him eighter. He broke it off but I did some things wrong so I feel like I should maybe apologize. I debating on still whether i should or not because it's been months. Any suggestions?
      Did you give up and ignore him for a while before he came back though?

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  • My suggestion is never go back to an ex. Especially if they were the ones that left you.

    • Why? Because reconcile for all different reasons and sometimes you relize things in your time apart

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    • How should I tell him? Wouldn't that make him jelious? I'm not up for playing no games though.

  • Best you can do is give him space and don't push/force the situation. The breakup happened for a reason. Show him that you are doing great being single, post a lot of pictures on social media. The only way to get an ex back i s let the relationship go. #1 rule is that you should never be friends, because that way your ex gets emotional support from you. which leads to nowhere...
    If you can't stand texting back, then delete his number and unfollow on social media. Otherwise it will just keep you depressed.

    tom@fixlovelife. com


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  • I don't ever go back to my ex. The past is a past for a reason.

    • Yeah we'll people relize there mistakes

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    • Stupid things, I don't even remember anymore

    • I can see that you love him very much, but what exactly do you guys plan on doing to avoid the fight getting out of hand?

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