Girls, okay So its been 4 months since I broke up with my gf of 2 years and I want her back?

definitely she loves me and I love her. I'm her first one , so I had been a dumbass when we break up cuz I didn't texed her and then she thinks she is insecure that she's not perfect for me , that I deserve better as a great friend of both of us told me. SO GIRLS I WANT HER BACK rly? its like I want to be with her forever and

how can I get her back cuz this is going tomorrow so its like 23 hours left to go and talk with her. I just need the words in fact I actually got prepared what to talk but I need some advices that what should I DO?


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  • Just tell her "I was acting like an idiot, I should have never let you go. You're everything I want.. I love you"
    Awww I'm already melting

    • I find it the most helpful while ur melting so thats to be a good words thank you so much

    • Thanks!!! Good luck :)

  • Bring her something that was an inside joke or something she really wants. And then tell her


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