Should I block my ex bf?

He broke up with me almost 3 months ago by text, but 2 of those months he kept contacting me once or twice a week telling me he still loved me and then the next time ignoring me. I told him a couple of times I needed to distance myself from him but a week later he contacted me and confused me again. He even said he wanted to see me but then didn't come and when texted him he ignored me so I sent him a text saying that I never wanted to speak to him ever again.

A month goes by and then I get a "Hey" text then right after the text he calls but I didn't answer because I was busy. About an hour later he calls again but I missed his call so about 1.5 hours later I call him back but he doesn't answer so I sent a "Hi" text but no answer so the next day I send him another text saying ""How have you been, sorry I missed your call" but no reply and its been a week so I'm just letting it go.

Problem is I was starting to feel better but now I'm sad again after seeing that he attempted to call me, should I just block him so he can never call me again?


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  • Block him and forget him. Sounds cruel, but I think it's the only option. He obviously can't make up his mind, and may well be texting you just because he's lonely at that time. He is trying to play some sort of mind game with you. Don't let him win. You will soon find another bf, there are quite a few around!


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  • Do you want to give him another chance? I would pick the phone up the next time he calls and get closure once and for all. Then move on.

    • I didn't answer my phone when he called because I didn't have my phone with me at the time and I wasn't expecting him to ever call me but if he call again I would talk to him and try to get closure so that I can move on. I just hate when he ignores my texts it makes me feel depressed.

    • Please don't get depressed. I can understand how this back and forth can be aggravating, but he may be struggling with his own issues.

    • It is very aggravating because all I want to do is move on but I feel like he may contact me again and I'll never get over him

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  • Sounds like he is playing games.

    • I think so too, also I would think that since he broke up with me he would have no reason to talk to me again.

    • If he broke up with you that was his mistake. Forget about him. After a while he will realize he lost you. Might takes while.

  • Block him.


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