It's my birthday, and this is by far the worse birthday I've had, im so depressed by his behavior can I turn it around?

I wish my ex husband would sign the divorce papers and put me out of my misery. We still share a home together and I never been so miserable.
I hate him.

And the man I truly love could just understand he's tying both of my hands.

I wish this day ends quickly :'(


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  • I hope that your birthday next year will be a joyous occasion!

    • Or a little less drama

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  • I want to say "Happy birthday," but instead wishing you far better ones in the future. Hang in there, sweetie, you can get more bees with honey than vinegar with an "Ex husband" who is this stubborn mule, and I truly believe that if you Both would sit down and hash everything out, eventually he might just sign away his life.
    I also believe that being you have this other soul mate, he is purposely 'Tying both of my hands' because he doesn't want you with another. It happens every day, in every way.
    Talk to your current honey and if he loves you, he will understand that when he took on a girl who is not yet free, that he might end up the monkey in the middle with the... monkey business.
    Have a good day, try and relax. Stay strong, make the best out of this birthday and hopefully next year, dear, you will be blowing out all the Other one's candles once and for all.
    Good luck and blessings. xxoo


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  • "the worse birthday"

    *note to self - bad birthdays may lead to divorce

    • Yeah it does in certain circumstances.
      Your a kid. my situation is complex. Never the less thanks for stopping by

    • Oh come on now lol , there ain't enough of a candle different for you to call me a kid and I ain't young enough to buy you a box of earl grey , come back to the land of the living.

      Tell me about it.

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  • Happy Birthday. I'm sorry you're going through this but check with a lawyer if he won't sign you can still get a divorce it just takes longer.

    • Ugh... it's just terrible thanks but he and I have two children and a few properties as well an it's a long road, but yeah my lawyer had informed me of that, I'd have to sue him for a divorce

    • I get it, but if you a divorce and he won't give it to you, it may be the only way to get one. I know in Texas a contested divorce takes on average 18 months.

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