My ex boyfriend wants to take me to dinner! What todo?

My ex boyfriend after 8 months broke with me 5 months ago and i did find it hard as i loved him so much. But I've been doing quite well the last couple of months as i'm now focusing on myself... career, working out and going out socializing with my friends. I feel a lot happier than before.

Anyway... all last week my ex boyfriend started messaging me on Facebook and Snapchat. Saying that he misses me a lot and feels like he has made a mistake and being all apologetic. "I generally miss being within your company" Then he mentioned that he wants to make it up to me by taking me to dinner to say sorry? I do still have feelings for him but i don't want to make it easy for him after the way he treated me during the breakup etc.. But i would like to talk to him to see what is going on between us and knowing where i stand!

Should i go or stop talking to him?


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  • You seem to be doing so well with your life now. You've essentially moved on after HE broke things off with you. It sounds like he started seeing someone else and that ended up not working out, so he's now remembering all the good times he had with you.

    Do you really want to fall back in love with this guy and have him do the same thing again when he realizes his desire to be with you is not love, but lust?

    You seem like a very smart girl with a lot going for you right now, and I personally think it would be a mistake to see him or even talk to him. When he texts you or calls you, simply say you're glad he's doing well and then tell him you have to go. I'd really hate to see you fall back into being hurt again.

    • Ysah i feel like i am doing a lot better without him and I've got more confidence in myself than before. But i would like to find out what his motives are and where do i stand. Personally i think he needs todo loads more if he wants me back. I think i will meet up with him to catch up because a part of me still misses him but i know deep down that i deserve better. I'm going to see how it goes! Thanks for your advice, much appreciated

    • Well, good luck, but just keep yourself and your personal boundaries of what you will and will not accept, and do not budge from them.

      Keep in mind he's going to agree to just about anything you want, which will sound great, but beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing. I'm not saying it's certain he'll do that, but people really do not change that quickly. It takes a lot of time to recognize faults and working to change them, so just keep an eye out for that.

      Good luck,

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  • I would say go to dinner with him. But remember, you hold all the cards. He should pay for dinner, since he asked you. Make him work for you. He will respect you more in the long run.

    • Ok, yeah i will make him work harder. I'm going to see how it goes! We're meeting next Saturday night, i just hope its not awkward!

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  • Let me take you to dinner, and he can buy you some water or something lol
    I think you should take this slow and move slowly.

  • Give him another chance sure maybe not dinner yet. Something less intimate at first...


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  • It’s fine to meet old lovers, but just don’t dine with him.

    • So like go for a coffee or something?

    • @Asker Only if you feel secure enough to stand by what you want and not fall for his sales pitch about being so lonely and miserable without you. He sure didn't seem miserable for the 5 months after he broke up with you.

      I think @Aeracura makes a good point, and I would add that meeting for coffee or somewhere casual isn't a bad idea, but you should wait a bit longer to where you can think objectively and not with just your heart.

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