Does my ex boy friend still love me?

i was in a relation with someone who lives so far from me ! we didn't met yet i fell in love with him we always talk on phone and Skype , he asked me to be his girl friend and i agreed !! then we were a couple for 6 months after that he decided to finish the relation pretending that i was asking for a better person ! we broke up now but he still call me and asking about my whereabouts ! are he intrested , ? should i stop talking to him , i really like him


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  • LDR are One of the Hardest to Have and to Uphold of Any here, dear. I, for One, know this probably better than anyone. I still have a husband whom I left out in Egypt three years ago, still counting, and sadly... I still have not gone back to visit nor to be with him to live.
    It takes two special people to make the effort and to have the patience to make a LDR work. It sounds to me, without etching this in stone, that he didn't want to be in this Relationship 'Who lives so far from me,' but Still... wants to be friends with you because he still cares about you and is probably secretly hoping that one day... you both will somehow meet up.
    It's really your choice, your call if you want to at least be friends. Even though my husband and I break up and make up and many times don't get on the same page, the love we still have for one another is That... of friends till the end, if anything someday, that may leave this chapter to our storybook romance open.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Probably not


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  • Stop talking to him. He seems unstable with his needs. Find someone else better for you


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