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If a dumper truly regretted and wanted a dumpie back, in contact or in no contact after a breakup it would still happen.


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  • depends on the terms on witch you left it and if they are single its a possibility if you think they might still have feelings


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  • Well considering the dumpee might really dislike the dumper after getting dumped, no it will not always happen. You can't always take words back.

    • No I meant it wouldn't change the dumpers decision/feelings if you stayed in contact or not. Basically, I am in contact with my ex who recently dumped me and sometimes I wonder if he would change his mind if I cut the contact completely... But then again, if it's meant to happened (him changing his mind) it would happen with in contact as well. I hope you get it :D

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    • Thats understandable. I think you'll naturally distance yourselves as time goes on. And if he does come creeping back later you'll know he's not the right kind of guy for you anyway.

    • Indeed. :) Thanks for comments by the way :D

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