What reasons would an ex have to contact you?

Say there the one that ended the relationship and they try to contact you over a month later but when you respond they ignore you. Why would they contact you if they're the one that ended the relationship?


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  • In two minds whether or not the pussy is worth the hassle. When hornyness passes you don't bother texting back.


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  • Well, it depends on why you broke up. My ex contacted me after several months. We broke up because (confusing story here) I thought he had cheated on me, but it actually turned out that he didn't, his ex at the time stole his phone intending to be him saying that he cheated on me. He later explained everything and we made up.

    • The break up was because he really didn't have much time for me even though he only works part time and has 3 days off, and I asked him where did I fit into his life and he said he didn't know and that our life's are going in two separate directions so that's how it all started. He needed time to think and a few days later he texts me "I need to get myself together, I don't love you and I don't want to be with you" but a few days later he said sorry and that he still loved me and over the course of a couple months he kept sending me mixed messages then ignoring me.

    • Give him another shot, but take things slow. Try just being friends first.

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  • There are a lot of reasons.

    -You have their favorite shirt stashed somewhere.
    -They want to get back together.
    -They're trying to ask you if you would be pissed if they went after your best friend.
    -They wanted to invite you out somewhere to catch up or because someone wanted you to be invited yet didn't have your info.

    Speculating is useless at this point and it would be best to ask that person directly why they contacted you.


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