Should I follow his actions or his words?

I dated this guy for a few weeks but we weren't exclusive yet. I really like him but last time I saw him he said he thought we would be better as friends. I asked him if I did something or what triggered it but he said it's just something he realized in the last day or two and that I'm a great person and did nothing wrong. He was very adamant about being friends and tried to hug me but I was upset and said I don't know about that. Last night he called me and was asking about work as I just started a new job and he asked me if we could hang out on Saturday. We talked for an hour. I'm confused. Does he really want to be friends or what is going on?


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  • Actions speak louder than words with everyone


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  • Words are absolutely meaningless without the actions to follow. It's so easy to fool someone with your words. So it's best to determine a persons motives by their actions rather than putting too much faith in their words.


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  • You should ALWAYS follow a person's actions.


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