Do all guys bad mouth their ex girlfriend to the new potential partner?

I ask this because my ex broke up with May of last year, right and we pretty much were not speaking to each. About 2-3 months later he started talking to me and we were trying to work things out since we have a child together. Well, one day while I was at his house he left his cellphone and I seen text messages to another girl where he was talking negatively about me. I really could not wrap my mind around this because I was under the impression we were working things out. He was being nice to me and doing things for me while talking bad about me to the other female the entire time. Is this the norm?

It really hurt me.


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  • Not for me. He is a douche.

    • I guess so! I was under the impression that all guys talk bad about their exes. You gave me hope that there are good men in this world. :)

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  • omg this happend to me... leave him trust me if he doesn't tell you the truth and keeps seeing her its only going to make it worse. I was prego and my father baby did this during the pregnancy with another woman its heartbreaking.

  • Well that is weird and he is two faced... Just leave him honestly

    • I agree. It hurts but I gotta move forward.

  • Most of the time.


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