If it were up to you to decide, would you approve your ex's hiring in the company you work in?

Wondering about this. If you had the power to decide him/her being hired in the department you are also working in, would you say yes or no? (they are profesionally compatible with the position)
Bring arguments as to why you would do it or not.
Also if it worked the other way around, do you think he/she would agree to hire you or say no?
The ex is not aware you work there. It is not like everyone is a stalker. Let's say more than 1 year passed since you broke up..


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  • I would do everything in my power to prevent him from working there. He was an asshole who treated me like crap and after we broke up refused to pay rent on the apartment. His name was on the lease and quit paying. I had to pay his part as well as my own, while I was working part time and going to university full time. It left me broke and with no money for other bill or even groceries most month. My parents had to bail me out quite a few times.

    I would never want to work at the same place as he did. He is an asshole who only thinks about himself and if I had to see him again I may actually physically attack him for all the shit he put me through. I had to deal with being treated like shit and his friends treating me like shit for five years, I was taken advantage of financially by him quite a few times when he was out of work. and even after we broke up he took advantage of me. He refused to pay rent and essentially left me broke, almost cost me my schooling as I almost failed out when I needed to take on more shifts to afford rent.


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  • Only if there were no other qualified people. Why would they apply at a place that they must have known their ex works at...

    • Let's say she does not know you work there. More than 1 year passed since you two split.

    • Again only if she was the best qualified person. If other people had the qualifications for the job I'd choose them over the ex. It's a professional setting and no place for drama. But because it's professional I'd reluctantly hire her if she was the best suited for the job.

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  • I'd disapprove of her application for several reasons.

    One, Fuck her. Stay unemployed.
    Two, I don't want my work performance affected.
    Three, hostile work environment.
    Four, wouldn't trust her to keep it professional.
    Five, don't want anyone knowing about my dating life.
    Six, don't want to invite professional risk of any kind. Too many nightmares I can imagine of an ex being involved at work, from fake sexual harassment to poisoning work relationships, etc.


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