Out of the blue weird text from an ex?

So Its been about two weeks since the break up and haven't heard form him since. Until one night around 12:30AM I get a text from him ( the dumper) saying: "Hey can you please send me that picture of me wearing the blue shirt, laying on my back on my bed, and smiling at the camera." Which he knows its my favorite pic of him. I use to have it on my phone for when he calls. I don't know what to think or why this was so out of the blue. I texted him back the next day and told him: " Hey, I don't have it anymore." Right after that he texted me back super quick saying: "Ok". That was it, really pointless and meaningless. Anyone have an idea what this means? what was the point of him texting me after no contact for two weeks with a text like that.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Please block me I wanna stop calling you

    • Im sorry, your answer doesn't make any sense. lol

    • Here you can block a contact from calling you. So she couldn't help talking to me though she didn't wanna

What Girls Said 1

  • He just wanted the picture


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