Vacation or no vacation after breakup?

Hi everybody i have a an issue that i need help in.
Last Saturday my girlfriend of 3 years dumped me.
Im 31 she's 25
She said she thought long and hard about it.
She lost attraction for me.
She loves me but she's not in love with me.
She doesn't wanna fix things.
She told me not to waste time to fix anything.
She said i know you dont talk to your exs anymore but you can call me anytime when you need me.
I knew that this breakup was going happen.
I can admit i did not display attraction. Got too comfortable.
I have a feeling she's talking to someone else. But... I could be wrong.
She cheated before.
she emailed me an itinerary of an all inclusive trip to the caribbean we booked months ago paid in full by her. she still would like for me to go and that the decision is mine to make.
She wants no money from me.
Its been 5 days so far i haven't spoken to her. She hasn't spoken to me. Besides the email. I never responded. The trip is in 3 days.
I dont mind going. I wanna be wild and carefree like idgaf mode.
I dont care to fix things myself and im not hurting as bad as i thought.
Should i be the one to contact her? Should i wait? Im glad i forced her tell me before the trip so that all the cards and feelings are left on the table rather than her pretending to be happy the whole time. She was planning to break up with me after the trip.


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  • Go on the trip! Have a break up party! :) No better way to celebrate your new found freedom. Post pics in your update if you can to make us all jealous!


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  • I personally wouldn't want to go. Like you I try to disassociate myself from an ex when we break up. I don't want to be any where near a place she is probably at. I would tell her to take whoever she wanted in my place and just lose my number and email now.


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