Did I do the right thing?

So my bf was talking to other girls behind my back and I confronted him about it he said he wasn't cheating he agreed to be more open with me about things like that. I gave him many chances to be honest I know it can be hard for some to be in a committed relationship. I almost broke up with him because he was actively seeking attention from other women. He swore I was making a mistake he telling me he loves me and all this stuff how I'm so amazing. Literally the next day I caught him talking to another girl in my face and flirting with her on his phone he wouldn't let me see. I finally got to see the messages on our computer when we got home he was asking where she lived told her where he was living mind you this like 5th girl that I've caught him sending messages to over the Internet he immediately deleted cuz he knew what I was doing by this time it was too late I seen it I lost it and I broke it off. I moved out. I feel bad I don't know if I did the right thing by leaving. Is it normal to feel guilty like its my fault?


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  • Made the right call. I probably would've get it if it was your girl friend or his that he flirts with, because most of the time that can be classified as harmless, flirtatious jokes between friends.

    Flirting with other unknown women behind your back while he had you, on the other hand? Yeeah... You definitely made the right call.


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  • Yes, you did the right thing.
    The only girl that should have his attention is you. He didn't respect your feelings.

    • Yeah your right I don't know I guess I just feel so sad when I know I didn't do anything wrong I really tried to be understanding but I was the only one trying in the relationship.

    • Yeah.. you just really wanted things to work

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  • You can make the argument he emotionally cheated (very different from physical cheating) on you by flirting with these women so ditching that joker was a good call.


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