What will be going through his mind after breakup?

i felt like my boyfriend stopped caring about me. he says he does care a lot but actions speak louder than words. so i ended things tonight. what im just wondering is how do you think he is feeling? i deleted his number, blocked him off facebook so i cannot contact him.

but as a man when a relationship ends will he be sad, tempted to text me? or will he just think **** her and never think twice about me again?


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  • He will be sad if he cared. And if he ever sees u he will stare all the time with a sad puppy dog face. he prob would be tempted to text u but chicken out. Or he could be a real s. o. b and call u every name in the book to his friends and spread rumors. And throw stuff at u to pick a fight. That's what my ex does and I have to deal with it everyday of my life...


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  • He will probably be hurt if he still cares about you.

  • He will have acted in a manner that would make you dump him. Dumping someone takes balls and some guys don't actually have any. He more than likely has played you!

    He will be thinking how grateful he is now its over. And he will be thinking about doing Vicky or at least trying to do Vicky!

    That's been my experiences anyway

    • hahaha i see we have a man hater.

    • No really, this is what they do!
      Next time when you feel like dumping them... don't!
      In fact, tell them how much you love them!
      I'm going to do that next time. Just for the laugh

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