Trying to open lines of communication with ex girl but?

Well we are kind of on off have been for about 2 months. . She would go away come back maybe after a couple weeks of no contact only to come back to reestablish some type of contact only to run away again (basically just leaving me in limbo). . Recently she said she no longer wants anything from me.. I seen her in person asked her why.. but she spotted a hickey on my neck.. not from her... Am I a complete dog for evening trying to talk to her now that she's spotted that I did get with another girl.. or the fact that we weren't in a committed relationship change anything? I feel completely dead and buried in her world based on the past few days.. it's not the first time she's pushed me away but it feels like the last... Is there any recovery. .


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  • I don't think there is any recovery in this case.


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  • Your not exclusive , is that correct?
    It's none of her business anyway , especially if she broke up with you.


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  • Never go back with an ex.


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