Who the hell broke Lionel Richie's heart and why isn't that bitch hanging from a rope?

Seriously, what kind of heartless bitch could destrot Lionel's sould so utterly that it inspires that many songs?

Really, why haven't we found that succubus and drug her through the streets?
  • That whore is in hell, don't worry about it.
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  • I'd slap that sleezebag twat back into the 1980's
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  • I'd steal her identity and run up a line of credit so that her score drops to 240.
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  • Someone should run that tramp off a cliff and into a canyon full of glass.
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  • No amount of teenage girls on the planet could ever fill the void that whore left in Lionel's soul.
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  • The IRS should send her a fee of five gabillion dollars for excessive hoebagging.
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  • I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
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I don't even like the guy's music. But you have got to do some fucked up shit to someone to inspire them to write that many songs.


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  • Asking the real questions...
    I would genuinely like to know.


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