Does this consider cheating?

We met each other online, while we were playing online video games with some mutual friends. Been in a relationship together for 2 years (I was supposed to move there). We kept playing games with each other and other online friends, even though I was the only girl there.
Then, another girl shows up. A slutty attention whore who is a little bit sick in the head. She was flirting with everyone and with my boyfriend. And I mean really obviously, she would moan and talk about sex in front of me and everyone. Guys were having fun teasing her in the begining, but in short time they all realized how retarded she is and stopped hanging around with her, everyone exept my boyfriend. He was always indifferent with her, neither he was teasing her or flirted with her, but neither say anything bad about her, he didn't mind her there because he liked playing games with her cuz she's a good player. I couldn't stand that girl and my boyfriend knew it. I told him to cut her off but he said there is no reason since she doesn't do him anything wrong, he thought she wasn't flirting with him. So I let it go, didn't want to overreact without any proof, he was still very much into me. So months went by and he kept playing with her telling me how he likes her as a friend and nothing more. Then one day, I accidently go on his Skype and find her there, even though he swore to me he will never add her on Skype without my knowledge. There wasn't any flirt from his side, only hers. I almost dump him right there, but after him begging me not to I forgive him. He deleted her after. Again months went by and he dumpes me because he lost a desire, and the very same day he did that, he added her back on Skype and flirted with her, also jerked off on webcam. He was swearing he didn't dump me because of her. He was lying right? Why would someone who got caught lied anyways?


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  • Online relationships are not real relationships.


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