Kind of emotionally abandoned my ex?

We could only see each other twice a month or so. She always felt I wasn't affectionate enough said I have no compassion a couple times. she would get passive aggressive on me and act like she doesn't care the suddenly pout that she feels unwanted. I was busy with a ridiculous amount of stress and told her this. Anyways she ended up leaving and said I just used her for sex and I was moody. I got moody and grumpy at the end because she wasn't being clear she would say one thing and her actions would say otherwise. I accused her of cheating too. I know it's not the case now but shit.. I don't know this girl just need more affection than what I could give her. I think I really disappointed her. I hurt her a lot in the past apparently too. it was a mixup with her parents on why she left.. it was them vs me. Before she chose me but I don't think she trusted me. She said maybe we can try this again later. Should I trust that or just move on. We did deeply love each other.


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  • The communication is bad and you hurt her so I would move on. Al least apologize sincerely and let her go. Learn from this and don't do it again.

    • Yeah I did I really did. she's young first year out of high school. I'm about tk be 22 so I think that had something to do with it to.

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  • This is something were you both need to separate for a while, develop healthy lives without each other, resolve anything she didn't like about your behaviour (but still be yourself) & only then try again. If you don't do this you're likely to fail & end up in the same situation again.

    The relationship will only work if the issue is resolved

  • I belive strongly in trying to work things out. How long were you togeter?

    • She made it clear she wants to try and move on. the breakup got messy I guess I hurt her more. We were together off and on for 2 years Because of her parents. She never ended it parents just got in the way.

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