How to get back a independent ex girlfriend?

So after my ex broke up with me I made all the usual mistakes and tried to get her back. She is now trying to move on and completely cut me out of her life. I sent her a Happy Birthday text a few weeks ago and got no response. And asked her for coffee with no response. I have been trying no contact, but I am positive it won't work with her because she will just put me out of her mind and focus on other stuff in her life to help her move on. Is there anything I can do with a girl like this, I love her more than the world, but have no clue if she will ever even talk to me again.


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  • Refer the cliché phrase: "If you love someone, let them go." You had your chance. At this point it's simply unkind and frankly, cruel, to mess with her emotions when she's over it and has moved on. It takes effort to rebuild yourself after a breakup. Leave her be.


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  • She broke up with you. That means she doesn't want to be with you. You need to move on.

  • Move on. She already has


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