Girlfriend wants to breakup because of my friends?

Ok, my friends thought she wasn't good girlfriend material. They thoughy she was slutty because of something she did earlier and i told her about it. I told her that what they say doesn't matter, only my opinion matters but she wants me to say they are bad people and not see them. I've been friends with these people for years, they are not bad but I didn't want to take their word for it either. Everyone has an opinion, I told them it doesn't matter but she feels like im choosin their side. She wants to breakup over it now. Should I let her go?


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  • Who was there first , If you've been with her along time. Your girlfriend comes first , Friends can give an opinion but that's it.


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  • Only you know the answer unless you're gonna provide more detail. What was the "something she did earlier"? That kind of matters.

    • They think she was playing me against another guy

    • I'd say try to get more of the facts before you make a decision and trust your gut. Someone telling you not to see your friends is a red flag, though.

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  • You have to choose between your friends or her.

    • Why? I clearly told her that what they said doesn't matter

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    • I see no reason to drop people she never sees anyway. Why do I have to drop people she never sees or interact with and I told her that their opinions should not affect us? What's the logic?

    • Like I said, we have a hard time thinking logically in these situations.

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