Does anyone have insight on why we broke up or what to do about it?

Dated nearly 3 months. A few weeks ago she said she wasn't ready to be exclusive since we hadn't "clicked" but thought we just needed more time dating before taking that step. After that conversation everything was normal. The next week we went out on (she even initiated the date) and things seemed great and we made plans to go out the following Sunday. I called her Tuesday to say I found an interesting new recipe and see if she wanted a home cooked meal Thursday. She told me that she still didn't feel like we had fully clicked and we ended. Not even an argument or crying or nasty split stuff. I guess I'm confused about clicking because in my mind there are 3 possibilities:

1) Chemistry - you can tell that after a couple dates, not 3 months
2) Physical clicking / intimacy - we were taking things slow and letting it develop so we had made out but had not had sex. It's 2015 though, she could have initiated... but she seemed to want to go slow.
3) Emotional clicking / the major convos (future, politics, religion, exes and sex)... we had talked the first 3 and were in agreement about those aspects only the other 2 were not really talked about.

Everything seemed normal right up until that phone call so I'm stunned and want to know what to do so I can be a better man in my next relationship / find a way to get things going again with her since I still feel for her (the breakup happened a couple days ago). My gut says do no contact, do my thing, enjoy the NHL playoffs and then in a month or so just send a simple text about a show or a band or hockey or something we had common interest in (which was like a million things)
Might make a difference to know I'm couple months away from 29, she's a couple weeks from 26 and we texted daily, right up to that final date and phone call. 500-50 on who started the texts and when it was me she replied instantly. Just so confusing!
*50-50, haha; not 500-50


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  • Move on, she is not interested in you and she is probably looking to friend-zone you. Run as fast as you can!


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