How do you deal with an ex that won't confront the past issues? BUT, still wants to move forward and loves you?

Ex wanted to move forward in communication and correct things between us. However, he's been unwilling to verbally admit his mistakes and chooses to 'act like nothing happened' instead. I personally cannot feel content until he admits the truth about lies he told and flirting with girls, etc.

I am not the kind of person that can be satisfied without any admission on his part. He keeps saying that "it doesn't matter who is right or wrong." Blah, blah. I feel like he's just trying to avoid any confrontation about past issues. Then he said that he wand to improve our communication and understanding of each other to go forward in the future! This puts me in a bad spot because I cannot overlook things that happened and just move on without closure on those issues.


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  • You are right. If you don't resolve old problems they will keep brewing and things will get worse. If he can't admit he's wrong or say sorry, than he never will. I would drop him. He will cause nothing but resentment and heartaches.

    • Thanks! That's what I am struggling with. He thinks it's about caring who's right or wrong, but that doesn't even matter to me. It's the fact that he isn't acknowledging what REALLY went wrong.

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  • You could just not deal with them. Seems easy enough.


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