Why is my ex acting like this?

SaMy ex and I broke up over 2 months ago, we were together for 2 years and we broke up because things weren't working out anymore yet I tried so hard to keep us together. Anyways he was hurt with me bc he grew tired of us arguing or whenever I got attitudes. He never spoke up or said anything and he even told me he liked my sass/attitude. I broke up with him and apologized afterwards and tried getting back with him but he didn't want to bc he was too hurt with everything not just the breakup. We still loved each other a lot but couldn't make it work. Some weeks passed by and he randomly texted me wanting to be friends and have a strong friendship and we had a good little conversation and he suddenly stopped texting me, not because there was nothing else to talk about. Some weeks later he's telling my best he's got a prom date and he's talking to a new girl and I'm just like oh. So some days pass and I found out he lied only to get me jealous I don't know why he would. He then told my other friend he just wanted to piss me off and he said he doesn't know what he wants. He still calls me beautiful but never to my face. We haven't talked since the day before we broke up. Couple weeks later he messaged me bc he felt I was the only person he could talk to later to find out because his friends didn't care and blew him off. I feel he just came to me only to benefit himself. I posted something on my instagram saying basically that I don't need to lie to get someone upset or solve and in response he posted up stuff indirected towards me basically talking about how I'm trying to bring him down or make him upset and it's funny like it was a joke. Last week he posted up a song saying tha lyrics hit him and the song is about break up regretting what you had with your ex. Recently I've been posting funny pictures and I've been posting quotes and stuff. He posted up a picture directed towards me and is said how people hurt you only to make themselves feel better
I don't know what I'm doing or why he's so bothered from me
Oh and supposedly he's just talking to another girl yet post stuff about being in his feelings. Why does He think I actually care enough to make his life miserable, I'm not bothering him.


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  • If I were you I would put my foot down and talk to him face to face ask him what does he want and if he want us then stop this and forgive and forget the past and the mistake this goes the same if he wants to be friends

    To me he is so hurt from the break up that is the only thing that he talks about with his friends and his friends tried to help but he doesn't listen and his friends gave up aND he is doing that is one things
    1he want you back but he needs closure so talk to him and hug him he is still hurt

    • Wow thank you so much. You're right. But also, okay I brought up with my best friend what he gave her for her birthday, he baked her and I some homemade cookies and I was telling her about that but not really talking too much about him, she told him that she wanted some cookies before he graduated and he was like "who was talking about it" and she told him not to worry about it and he kept asking and she finally told him I brought it up and supposedly he said oh and changed the subject real quick but she also exaggerates some things and lies so I don't know for sure.

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    • OK you could have said this in the beginning of your question bit I think you did the right move and were you in a love and hate relationship cause wow I wouldn't be with someone like that in the first place it seem that he realized that his love for you is running out and he cares for you but not like that and I'd why you don't just tell people the truth and he is being a baby about it if I were you I'll tell people the truth and tell him to move on cause girl your a better person and you deserve better don't waste your time on him

    • Sorry about that. I guess it was a love hate relationship, we were together for 2 years and loved each other a lot, like it wasn't how teen relationships are nowadays, he was my best friend and everything and he was the sweetest guy I've ever known like he never did anything to be a jerk. Then all of a sudden he gave me this idgaf attitude and I just couldn't. I don't understand him or know what he wants anymore. He seems like he still has feelings yet my best friend is always telling me how he doesn't want me and it hurt but I got over it. We were each other's first loves if that helps with anything

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