Is he still interested and is there a possibility well get back together?

This guy I dated for 7-8montha and in March we broke up. Yet we text everyday and the one day I didn't text him and he didn't text me and the day after he texted me and he still calls me time to time the pet names that he called me when we were dating. As well we met some of out famiies and the month before he broke up with him I met his two kids and they liked me and vice versa and his family that I met like me to and vice versa. He said he could see me as part of his family and I told him the same. And when he told me he was breaking up with me he said he liked me a lot and added I mean a lot. That he could see me as part of his family and etc he even said he'd like to change my miss to a mrs one day and that from the first moment he laid eyes on me he fell for me and that he looks see our future and etc. and when I mentioned that I may come see him and his family this summer if he would like that and mind picking me up at the airport or bus station he said he'd like to pick up a hot girl like me up again at the airport or bus station. And we talk over the phone. And he still wants to attend a wedding with me this July and said he will probably come the day before. And we still want to do things together like to take the kids places together and etc. does it sound like he's still interested? And is just confused at the moment since he is now becoming a hands on dad again since the mon to the kids and the kids just moved her early February? And his sister and I are friends and she asked me if I am coming up to visit this summer and wants me to keep her posted when I do plan to come up. Doea she know her brother and I broke up or is she just being friendly or is trying to repair her brothers and my relationship? And why would he still want pics of me and want to talk just about everyday on text? And time to time uses the pet names he gave me when we dated? And still want to attend the wedding even as friends? Is he thinking he made a mistake? How can I get him back?


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  • Yes he's still interested (most probably) and very unsure of his future. I can't really say about his sister but whatever she's doing is good. Go and try to talk to him more and be around him.

    • Thanks for answering YourFurtiureEx what makes you think he's still interested (most probably)? What could make him unsure of his future? His ex? With all her drama? Why is what his sister with what she's doing is good? Well I did try calling him last night, and I left him a voicemail and he emailed me this morning telling me why he missed my call and who he went out with and continues to tell me where he's going and with who. Would a ex do that? (I haven't responded thou as I have had a busy day and plan to email or text him on Monday early morning) Just curious would massive headaches and gut pain be reasons telling your not falling in love with the person your dating and that you have to break-up with them? Or is it stress? Cause I know the mom of his two kids, has been causing a lot of drama and has some sever issues. Hope to hear back from you again.

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    • He's making moves I guess

    • Kinda seems that way sllloooooowwwllyyy he is. As yesterday he said ttyl and he already texted me this morning and he wants to talk over the phone tonight.

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  • Tell him how you feel

    • I'm kinda scared too as he told me when he broke up with me, that he thought about it for 3 days as he had massive headaches and gut pain for those 3 days and wrote down things about us and said he wasn't falling in love with me and blamed it on the massive headaches and gut pain, I know his ex (his kids mom) has really bothering him and created a lot of drama when we were dating and after he said he wasn't falling in love with me right after he said I like you a lot and I mean a lot, said he fell for me the moment he met me and could see our future and added when I
      Met both his kids and some of his family he could see me as part of his family and still wants to go with me to a wedding this summer, his sis asked if I am coming to see them this summer. Should I go? And do you think his ex screwed it up for me and him? And is he confused? As he still wants to keep in touch & we send pics to one another, why would he still want pics of me if I'm his ex? is there still feelings on his end?

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