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So me and my partner where pregnant... I lost the baby and I didn't no how to tell him.. I was scared of loosing him.. and scared of disappointing his family and my family, who were expecting a new arrival..
I know im in the wrong for not telling him, its just every time I tried I couldnt get the words out... I was living as tho it hadn't happend...
Everyhing we had planned our life... our family to be... whether we were getting a girl or a boy, was gone just like that. I knew u had to tell him...
Well I found a nude pic on his phone from snap chat I questioned him about it n he caged up n said he hadn't cheated its just pics he dont no who or where the person was from... this isn't the forst time its happend.. we argued n I finished it because I said I would if it happend again last time... even tho I didn't really want to... well this gave me the boost I needed to finally tell him about our baby... weve been apart since and have spoken slightly... can a couple who have history.. be friends or even eventually try again...
We both made mistakes n both are not exaclty making so there's no contact?
im not sure weather we should be being there for each other or should we have no contact n move on...


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  • eventually try again for the baby.


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  • It sounds like the miscarriage may have been a blessing in disguise. He can't stay loyal to you even when you're pregnant with his child. How could he manage it in more normal situations?

    Treasure the time you had together but save the love and consideration for a guy who will treat you the way you deserve. It sounds like no contact is the best situation for both of you right now.

    • he said he's been loyal... and it was a random message from someone he don't now... which I believe he's stayed loyal as he works 12 hr shifts and when im not with him he's eighther at wrk or asleep... but we are still in contact at the min but im not sure that's the best idea if were moving on

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    • its harder said then done when u was building a life together and love each other... and have the space in ur belly of where alittle bit of me n him was... I don't know if I want to be with him or best not... im so used to having him for support in situations like this is when we need eachother

    • That is hard and scary but now you have to think about what's best for you.

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