Have you eve screwed up a good relationship because you were too scared or insecure?

How could you love again and get rid of the feeling of guiltiness? , was it hard to let go knowing you are the one who couldnt manage things right?, did you forgive yourself and love again >


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  • if i was bout 2 starta relationship... then the 1st thing i'd do is 2 blow my nsecurities away basically...;-)


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  • A man did that to me and by the end of it all, I slutshamed him to kingdom come, called him a nasty whore, said I wished he was dead, laughed in his face for trying to come back, and confirmed his worse fear by telling him that his "love" is worthless and nobody wants his heart.
    Be careful who you shit on, screw over, and make pay for a heart they didn't break. One day, they may get tired of your bullshit and all the love they showed you will turn into hate in a way that your heart will never forget.

    Get your shot together before you go messing with a good one.


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  • Yes but I knew he wasn't the one for me


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