Ex keeps contact with my daughter, why?

This is the forth time in a year I have broken up with the woman of my dreams. Always for the same reason, my daughters mother. This time her mother just called to see how her daughter was doing. It's funny though because my 16 year old never knew we had broken up recently and message her saying thank you for some cake she dropped off last week. The conversation turned next to my health and if I was okay because I was in the hospital recently. My daughter can tell something is wrong and figured it was my health. Ex told her health is fine and basically told her to contact whenever she feels a need and sent her hugs and kisses. Now the ex knows that the only thing that would be wrong with me is the breakup. Besides that everything else in my life is great. Is that odd she would want to communicate with my daughter, I don't see the reasoning behind it to be honest. What do you think? Ex and I are currently not talking either.


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  • she really wants to be with you and your daughter seems to like her. get her back. don't worry about your daughter's mom because its not her life its yous and your daughters.

    • Daughters mom comes around like ever three months and when she does, the girlfriend and I have issues. She always breaks up saying she don't need these issues with my ex. The thing is ex never causes any issues. She just comes to see our daughter or talk to her. New girlfriend just argues when I call so I just leave her alone when she's like this. I hope she contacts me though, like I said she the woman of my dreams

    • your ex is probably telling her stuff when you're not around.

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  • Is the girl your ex's daughter or did you have the girl with a previous ex?

    • My daughter is from a previous relationship of about 14 years

    • Then I suppose he got to liking the kid. In the same situation, I too could like the child of my ex. I'd feel a bit stepfather.

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  • I don't think it's odd because it seems that she cares for your daughter a great deal.

    • I would agree she does or seems to care, they're not over close though because they may have only interacted 5-10 times over a year. When girlfriend and I are good she does ask about her a lot because her mother has issues and rarely in my daughters life. This reason I would say she cares on the other hand I sometimes feel girlfriend does not like I have the daughter living with me. She has made comments in the past saying she does not understand why my daughter is with me. Her reasoning for that is because she's my step daughter. She does not understand why a daughter would chose a step father over her real mother.

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