Any inspirational stories about a relationship surviving separation/divorce?

I'd love to hear any stories about a relationship surviving separation/divorce. Does anyone have any inspirational stories? I need to keep the hope alive
Well... I unexpectedly saw him yesterday, put myself out there about how I felt and was completely rejected. He told me how happy he was being alone and he'd never try anything with me again.


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  • Why do you need to keep the hope alive?

    • Cause I don't want to drown in sorrow. I feel like I'm paralyzed with sadness and if I have some hopeful stories it'll help me see the possibility of reconciliation.

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    • After a couple of sulking months I changed my phone background to "there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy". Trying to keep myself inspired.

    • Remember that it is easier to act yourself into a new way of feeling than it is to feel yourself into a new way of acting.

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  • I don't have a flair of a story but I was with my husband for 5 years and right before he deployed we were supposed to move... Well it didn't happen. And in janaury he deployed. For two weeks I started to pick up on a feeling... And three months later k was right. He was talking to another woman. I lost myself. In about a two month span I took a tumble psychologically... And than Easter rolled around and my friend asked me if I wanted to go to church. And I went in there feeling dirty and let down and disgusting. The preacher that day... His sermon... They were God's words for me. And than I stumbled upon a couples counselor. After a four month let go of myself and coming close to killing myself I went from low to high in about two weeks. I was back on my feet, I was dressing nice (I am known as a fashionista by my friends) I went back to God and prayer. I found so much strength. I even tried to work it out with my husband and prayed for him and eventually forgave him. And than I worked on myself. Even now I'm still working on me. But most importantly I didn't internalize what he did as a personal attack. They were his choices and they were all on him. I wasn't responsible and that was the biggest thing I learned.

    • Thank you for your sharing your story.

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    • N it's ok to go through that... But pray for strength for you to get through that

    • Thanks for your help.

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