Ex still displays a gift I got him?

Basically, I got the guy I was seeing a gift for Christmas (was a jokey toy thing of something he wants in real life but I couldn't afford). Anyway we finished shortly afterwards but I've realized that he still has it on display in his living room right by the TV (for everybody to see). Okay so nobody knows unless they've asked that it's from me but still.. I'd of chucked it away because it'd remind me of him. So basically, why's he kept it? & decided to continue to display it?


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  • How long did you date? Sexual relationship/living together? Why did you split?

    • Dated for 3/4 months, we never developed into a official relationship because I was too scared & he could tell so felt unsure about us. Which caused us to split (I couldn't continue not knowing if we were going to have a future). We were sexual & would see each other often but not living together.

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    • My freaking out about commitment left us in a horrible place yes.. I was scared because I'd only been out of a 2 year relationship for a month when we started dating & I wasn't ready for another (he doesn't know about my ex's). I don't think I can still have him, I'd honestly like to be friends & develop from there (our ending was civil so no hard feelings) but we did finish 4 months ago now so I think we're done.. But honestly, I'd like another go if he wanted me

    • If you talk to him face-to-face (no texting or phone calls!) and candidly confess the problem and ask for his forgiveness and help, I'll bet that he will take you back. I'm know that I am much older but the workings of the human heart in matters of love do not change from generation to generation. When you go to have this talk IN PERSON, dress nicely in a manner that reminds him of what he is missing.

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  • If you want him back then start talking again. Not all guys go on a rampage and throw away everything you got them.

    • We did start talking again but only friendly, I don't know the whole things complicated. I only find it weird that he displays it, not that he's kept it.. But thanks, I'm slowly trying ha

    • I would actually casually mention how you weren't ready before since you just got out of a relationship a month before him. That's something he should know so he can understand why you acted the way you did.

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