A part of me still wants him! Whyy?

Okay so he is my first love and its been 5 years for our break up and he didn't get in a relationship since then but we still talk like frnds sometimes. Now i am in a relationship and i love this new guy we are perfect together really and i dont want ro loose him but there is a small part of me still wants my ex. Yesterday i was with my chilhood friends who his friends too so he came and all the time starring at me and flirting me he gave me his jacket and didn't let me take it off again.
I dont know how to stop that heart beating feeling for him bcz really i dont want him, maybe i should tell him everything that bothered me from him and let him know what i felt in the past to get rid of thiss thing inside of me! Please somedy can tell me how to make him start talking about our past? Cz i need to say everything to my ex and live happy wiith my new guy.


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  • if u r in a relatiponship now... better thing is 2 focus on yer current guy basically...:-)

    • But to focus on him and to be faithfull for him i should get rid of these feelings :)

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