My ex never answered my texts and then he friended me on facebook. Wtf. Does he want to talk or not?

We broke up about six months ago and then about 3 months after the breakup, I get a text from him saying "Hey how are you doing?" We texted back and forth for about 5 minutes until he dropped the "lol" bomb and I had no idea what to say, so I stopped texting him.
A few weeks later, I was out with some friends and one of them took my phone so she could add herself to my contacts. She clicks on my ex and I go "no that's my ex. Don't even think about it!" And what does she do? She texts him "I still love you" I quickly grabbed my phone from her and told him to ignore that because it was my friend. He asked me if it was true though and I wasn't going to lie to him so I said yes. We got into this long conversation for the rest of the day and he said that he really missed me and that he thinks I'm beautiful, etc. We met up the following week and we hit it off, so I was positive that things were gonna go great.
I was wrong. I was with him again a few days later when his other ex called him saying that she wants him back. He talked to me about the situation and I started to cry a whole lot. I really didn't want to put him in the middle of all this drama so I decided to give it time.
I haven't talked to him in almost two months now, and I texted him last weekend but I never got a response. However, he sent me a friend request on Facebook a few days later and that was really unexpected. I really want to talk to him but I don't know what the situation is right now, whether he got back with this girl or not, or if he even wants to talk to me in the first place. What should I do?


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  • I assume he knows how to contact you if he wants you. . . and he knows how you feel. . . so there is noting else for you to do except. . . decide whether you are going to wait for him, or you are going to move forward with your life.

  • In my experience if a man wants to fb over texting its because his current or prospective new girl is around a lot or checks his phone... might not be the case but I would be wary.


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