Was it good letting him go and should I visit him?

LDR boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me 2 months ago because he got bored. He wanted us to stay friends, we did for some time but it didn't work. So I told him that we should stop the contact until I get over him completely (with a possibility I might never contact him again), and if he changes his mind about us he knows where to find me. He didn't objected.

However, in that period of us being friends, I told him that I will be visiting my brother on summer in his hometown. They are very close to each other, so I suggested for us to meet and he was very happy about it. Now that I cut the contact, should I still visit him?

P. S. I cut the contact because I want to move on, but also because in the same time I hope he's gonna miss me and change his mind. Do you think he might change his mind after 2 months of no contact and then seing me?


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  • It's hard to say...

  • I think that depends on how he felt about you to begin with. I want to say that seeing you will make him realize he misses you, because I'm in a similar situation, and that's what I want to happen for me. I hope you get what you want from the situation.

    • A month after we broke up he was acting more boyfriend then he was in the past 6 months of our relationship. He was writing me often, asking me about my day, asking me to watch movies, doing things he stop doing and he even flirted with me. I was confused so I asked him if he's acting the way he is because he changed his mind or what? He said no. So that's when the no contact started. I honestly have no idea what's in his head because his actions say different then his words.

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