How do I ask my Ex if im moving on? (READ DETAILS)?

She texts me all the time. We went out for 8 months she has a rebound friend. She is loyal but friendzoned me yesterday a little bit when we hung out. It was an easy breakup and was hard on both of us. She talks about us maybe getting back together like she is thinking on it. But I need to know if I am moving on. I still care and she is a best friend so I need to say it nicely. In the moment she sexts me too instead of her boyfriend... How do I ask how much time she needs?


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  • Do you want her back?

    • I'd like to but I don't want to be railroaded and end up not getting her...

    • Then you should just have a serious conversation with her, and just straight out ask her what's gonna happen. It's the only way you will know for sure.

    • We talked a lot and she said she loves me. I guess we will see where it goes, I do need to bring up her current "rebound friend", im not sure exactly how to do this either... Wanna message me?

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