Ex cheated on me with a married man and wants to be friends now What do I do?

Me and my ex dated for 3 years. We broke up 4 months ago. She broke things up because she needed "change". I was heartbroken and destroyed.. I had been working the same minimum wage job in customer service and was an all out wreck at this point. A month later I get an oppurtunity to go work for a financial advisor! Which was really a life safer and something that really motivated. After posting my recent succes on social media I got a phone call from my ex saying she wants me back and that she misses me.

I refused to take her back because I was just starting to do ok again and didn't want that drama in my life.

I started dating someone new for a whole 2 weeks before I ended it respectfuly because I was still heartbroken.

Right after that my ex called me again saying she wants to be friends with me. I wasn't expecting anything to come out of this so I just went along with it. I asked what she had bee doing for the past few months. But she was hesitant to tell me.
After some further questioning she finally spilled the beans and told me she was having an affair with a married man (he has kids aswell) after expressing what I thought about it she confessed it started when we were still dating.

She knows that I get disgusted by people that cheat and especially if there are kids and wives involved and she parades around like it is something to be proud of...

How do I remove this piece of filth from my life?
Do I expose her for what she is to her friends and family?
And do I tell the guys wife?


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  • I have been going through something kind of similar after I dumped my ex for cheating on me constantly. The jerk still wanted everyone to see him as the good guy. Well I have gone through it all. He brought his new girlfriend around and she ended up finding out why I dumped him. He got upset that I had exposed him. She got lied to by his friends and they all reassured her that it wasn't true. They ended up getting married just yesterday and she didn't care for his exposure. So now after two years I ask my self would I do it again. At first when I saw that she was going to marry him I thought to myself the exposure wasn't worth it. Than I ask myself what if it would've been me would I have liked for someone to tell me. I thought yes I would do it again. These type of people hide behind their lies and when they are exposed they panic. So yes they got married but when he cheats on her and he starts telling her she's crazy she will remember me. From there it will be her decision because by that time they might have kids. So she will most likely decide to stay with him. Or she will finally see the truth and won't take him calling her crazy. She will see the lying scumbag that he is on top of him being a narcissist. Of course I would do it again maybe next time I tell someone something like that they will listen and save themselves the heartache. Your ex is a narcissist as well just look it up online. Awhile before it was mostly men who were narcissists. This millennial generation is where the women narcissists are born. I have never felt more bad for men than I do now in the dating world. Still that doesn't mean that there aren't still good genuine women. You do have to be careful because of the way narcissists might react when you expose them. They will attack you back and harder. My ex attacked me by making my sister's husband his best man as well as asking my sister to walk at his wedding. They were low blows but he attacked me for exposing him.

    • So you have to be careful on her reaction because she will fight back as a narcissist. Also remember she has her married man who is most likely a narcissist as well. He can hurt you some way so you have to be very careful. If you are sure you don't want anything to do with her anymore and you guys have no family or friends connections. I say go ahead and expose her. I feel exposing them is the way to making others see them for what they really are. You also do have the other option of just leaving it alone and cut all contact with her. What I have learned about most marriages is that they will still stay with these cheaters especially if there are children involved. They stay for the kids even though the wife is miserable. If you feel you can deal with any attack or don't give a crap do it.

    • By the way my sister didn't walk at his wedding. She's a good loving sister who I'm grateful to have.

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  • Not worth even thinking about, just ignore her. As for this guys wife, yes, why not? She may be hurt but like you deserves to know.


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  • YES YES AND YES. This shit has happened to me. I'm a wife I have kids hummmmmmmm

    • And you stayed.

    • Yes. Working things out rather than throw away everything. No one is perfect and we all make bad choices at times. This is the power of unconditional love.

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  • Don't tell the Girl's family.

    Don't tell the other guys wife (btw.. Ms one dudes are crazy and might best you senseless or kill you for doing that...). ---

    All in all, forgot about them both and move on.

    If you want to mess with your ex have sex with her ONE more time and don't get her off... Just fuck her HARD, cum in her Face, and get up and leave and never talk to her again

    • I agree with this that's freaking great.

    • The last part. I still think exposing her to everyone is good. I agree about being careful with the married man.

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