Did I look like a pansy with this breakup? Please need opinions?

She broke up said I used her said I hurt her etc said I was moody would snap on her. bottom line is that she was choosing her family over me then switched last minute. I never treated her like a woman or anything just had sex and conversations here and there would occasionally ask how things are going on a hold ay or something. She was nuts about me and always seemed t be the victim. Anyways she ended it. I acted kind of mad and then I said alright this is it. She called me next day crying then I acted cool and I guess rejected her when she asked for me back.

I called her 2 days later asking how she is because she was kind of unclear and I didn't know if if we still had a chance. Shestonewalled me acted like a bitch and said im wirh my friends not at he crying. Said Im not getting the reaction I wanted. I blew up.. I said I'm done with these mind games out of patience.. big ol fight. somwthing bad happened in my life and she messaged me a couple days later asking if I wanted the bday gift I got her back. I told her what happened and asked if we are done. She confirmed said this is just bad timing. I waited a month she was stalking me on social media and I'm pretty sure she thinks I was having sex with someone else already but never got brought up. I messaged her saying I need to talk about a couple background investigators talking to her for my new government job and I wanted to talk to her too. I ended up dealing with the business before. She seemed pissed off and emotional.

Went on a rant on how much I hurt her etc.. never showed her aby love at all. She feels used. I apologized I got emotional on the verge of crying but never like cried tears or anything. Could hear it in my voice and see my face trembling. I told her I want her and she said it's too late too much damage done. I left it at that didn't beg but asked to stay in contact talk her and there she ended contact. I left her a letter at her work with flowers just apologiz
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If she chose me she would never speak tk her family again. was also dropping her free college ride from her parents.
Ohh.. also she was acting so distant and she told me some pretty scandalous things to provocative me in the past I asked if there was someone else.. we were long distance I had to ask because it seemed like it came out of no where.


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    • No, in all honestly, that was your coping method for the breakup and it in no way defines your manhood. Sorry for what you went through.

    • Yeah but I just hate looking like the victim. Like oh I didn't want to hurt him. F dat.

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  • I think you did things about as good as you possibly could. I probably would have done much worse in this situation


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  • Women love to confuse the opposite sex and leave us wanting them


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