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Girl just turned 18 she was madly crazy about you a month or so before saying she would never give up on you. She was sneaking around could only see you twice a month. Things got messy that last month passive aggressive. She was choosing you over evwe talking yo her mom and her college funds. she said if we don't work out she has nothing to fall back on. she left you and dropped contact. Called crying begging for you back next day saying I thought splitting would be easier the second time I've never been attached to someone what do I do. Went back and fourth with miscommunication but she finally just ended things.
  • Yeah I'd be offended
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  • Dude its logical.. it was just the situation.
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Said I used her fo sex I mistreated her and never show that I loved her. Which I could understand..


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  • 1. Maturity is neither about gender nor age
    2. All of us mature at different levels throughout our lives
    3. While under duress most people tend to go insecure and thus confused
    4. It is common especially in women when they are in an insecure and specifically confused state to state 'you used me for sex' etc - I'd ignore that :)
    5. It's also a very human thing immaterial of gender to dump the blame on the other person thus mentally stabilizing self for that point of time in which case they have something to hang on to. Most humans require something as a log in the water to hang on to - in this case this belief does :)
    6. I vote 'B' though it's not logical but natural and common but yes it was the situation alright and I won't be offended :)
    7. You won't believe I go through this everyday w/o fail lol


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  • I mean girls are insecure & we all at some point get to the point where someone just makes us feel used. Or they make us feel like we'd be nothing without them

  • No I wouldn't be offended. She needs to get a grip on herself though.


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