My ex with trust issues finally admitted to loving me after two years and I told him his heart and love are worthless. How did that make him feel?

After two years of being loyal to this man, believing in him despite how huge of an ass he was, and telling him I love you yet never hearing a reply and sometimes being told not to say it because "it makes him feel bad that he doesn't feel the same": he finally admitted to loving me. My response? "Your heart is worthless. Your 'love' got me shitted all over and screwed over. Nobody wants your heart. That's why youur three major relationships either ended with another man being chosen over you or you completely turning the female against you."
He was always afraid of falling in love because before when he loved women, it ended horribly: being cheated on and being separated due to a war then the girl got married and had a baby with the other guy within a year of the break-up. She didn't even try to wait for him. He once said that if he falls in love with me and it doesn't work out his heart will be ruined forever. :/

How do you think this made him feel? What do you think it made him think? Was this wrong of me?


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  • Woah that was extremely harsh.


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  • Wtf is your problem? Yes, that was very wrong from you, so please break up with him until you destroy him completely, and learn to have some confidence for the love of God! Why would those 3 words even matter if he is treating you right? As long as my boyfriend is treating me good and is faithful, he doesn't have to say anything.

    • He wasn't treating me well and being faithful in addition to me not hearing that back

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  • Probably didn't make him feel great.

    I don't think it was wrong of you, however. I think you should be able to speak your truth, especially to people that hurt you. What you said could be the thing that makes him change and become a better person.

  • It makes me feel like shit for him but truths are better brutal so now he knows it will either destroy him or make him better

  • Never mind him. How did it make you feel?

    • I feel like telling him the truth, that I still love him, would make me feel weak like a willingly emotionally abused woman. I feel like the truth of me still loving him deep down in my heart and soul is treasured information that he no longer deserves after all the horrible memories he's seared into me. I am tired of putting my heart on a silver platter for his taking and he either decides not to take it, to take it briefly then give it back, or to take it and leave it scarred and scuffed and unnourished...

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    • Deep down, I still really love this man but he is simply a threat to all that is beautiful within me and my life. He doesn't deserve to know the powerful grip he has on my heart. Agree?

    • Yes I agree.. He is toxic. Do not let your feeling to guide you. In this case use your brain instead.
      Stay strong and away from him at all costs.
      Best of luck :)

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