How do I deal with this breakup?

This is my first relationship, I'm 19. My ex would lie about little things like looking up these girls on social sites and an ex girlfriend he had and her guy friends she'd take pictures with. It wouldn't bother me as much if he had just been truthful but he wasn't. I haven't been able to trust him since he lied about boinking his ex before me. He lies for reasons he shouldn't need to it was way before me. So I called it quits because I can't trust him I have doubts about everything he says and he doesn't seem to answer any of my questions to ease my nerves. I'm so sad I don't know how to handle a break up it's my first. If you have any tips please share with me


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  • Don't try to bottle up your sadness. Just let it out and then after a bit when you get control of yourself is when you need to make introspection. Think about the mistakes that happened in the relationship. See where you yourself need improvement and think about the things you cared about in the guy and things you didn't like so you can understand your type better. Spend some time must doing productive hobbies. Keep yourself busy and work on self improvement. People have different opinions on this but I recommend just staying away from relationships just for a little while until you're certain what you want for yourself and what you want to do for some SO down the road.


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  • same here girl. Take your time. feel sad, desperate scream and punch if that what make you better. it is OK to feel sad. It's OK to miss him. He was apart from your life for a quite time. But what you did is for the better. It is the right thing to do :D


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