Does he deserve my friendship after breakup?

In the midst of us breaking up and we both decided it wouldn't work, I really loved him. He realised He didn't love me from having a previous convo with his mother. He said, she could tell I truly loved Him by the way I looked at him. But when she looked at her son... She couldnt see that. So he decided he realised he wasn't really "in love" I asked why He waited to tell me, He said because He couldnt risk losing me, I was an angel in His life and he wants a chance to be one in mine. That there was absolutely no reason why he shouldn't love me. I am perfect and he said "cliche to say, but you are truly too good for me" this is all his words. Now (i quote) the reason he waited to tell me... "I started crying think about you and my brother like family, I couldn't lose you and not have you in my life... I just can't so yea it's been on my mind lately. I thought I gave my emotions enough time to think rationally instead I doing what I WANTED... I wanted to keep you with me as a crutch because you lift me up. But as I thought you don't deserve that. One of the hardest reasons why I didn't want to tell you, was because you literally finish my thoughts words and think like I think. I want to be there for me like no one else. so from those convos I've had a lot of individual time to think and I wanted more for you than I've wanted for anyone that's ever entered my life. I want to be there for you, close just as we are. And when you are ready to date again I will be a brother for you! Because you deserve "the one" ... I will give it time. But he basically said he used me to fulfill his own desire. It all hurts of course. But do you think this "friendship" will be healthy?
Type he said "i want to be there for you like no one else has** we haven't talked since by the way


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  • Honestly, I say leave it. You need time to yourself, to focus on you, and time before you decide to go out and look again. You can't do that with him around and if you are still friends while it is still fresh it will hurt even worse when HE starts dating again.

    And you'll think, but I'm better and it won't make a difference because it won't be you he wants. Harsh, but that's really what you have to look forward to.
    It's your heart.

  • Nope. Just leave it.


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