How can I forget about my ex?


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  • You can't. You just need to take it a day at a time, literally. It is the hardest thing at first, but eventually you get used to the fact of not having him in your life anymore

    • What do I do if I just get memories of him?

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  • No matter how much you hate them now you'll always remember them till the end. The question should not be forget it should be forgive, until you don't forgive them you can't forget them.

    • I can't forgive when he cheated on me. When he's a psychopath. That I dated someone sexual active and never wanted to meet up. That I wasted my 11months on some crap.

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    • Hopefully, i will find someone better and treat me better, but i doubt that. Cause true love doesn't exist.

    • You're thinking it right now but one day you'll laugh and say"Eh! I thought way?" Life is too short girl, be as much happy as you can. Who cares about A*holes and D* bags, you have a life to live and the future special someone to be with.

  • I don't know can u?

    • I try, but memories come back :( he was the best guy to me, till he did horrible things</3

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    • Like, he is dead to me, go back to the part where we are strangers and don't remember the past of what happened between us. Erase the pain he gave me

    • I don't know what tell you on how foget. But just relax and find something everyday to enjoy in life.

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