How to get her to forgive me if I said some hurtful things to her?

Recently I have been playing the hard to get card and treated my girlfriend really cold, I would not say goodnight and not talk to her until the next day. I was really stressed at family problems, and i would say something like IM coming over, I need to smoke without now. She said stop being so pushy, you are making me sick. Then one day, my friend is visiting from far away, I asked her if she wants to drink with us. She said no and I then ask if she can introduce her friends out to me friend. and she said my friends dont drink. I kept pushing because I was pissed so i said your friends dont drink? they are like hookers, they go out looking for free lunch and stuff and kept typing... to her but i promised i wouldn't type that because she doesn't like it. Then she said I have no feelings for you anymore, i just want to end this relationship now. I bought flowers and waited 5 hours outside her house that night. I called and left messages and she blocked me on everything. I then knocked on her room window and she called the cops to made me leave. The next day I drove by to leave the flowers on her front steps. And later that night my friends checked for me and they said its still outside her house. The day after that I just happen to drive around near her house and she texted me dont show up at my house again. or she'll call the cops. we are over, let me go please. I parked somewhere else and I said I will wait for you outside. The flowers are gone on that day. From that day on, I text her everyday and tell her that I miss her and sorry and i love her. Everyday I would drive by her house at night to stop for a smoke then leave for the memories, I would text her that i miss her and would she come out to see me. The first time we broke up I texted her everyday and eventually she texted me back after a week and a half. The second time we got in the biggest fight and one day i showed up and called her and answered. Its been 5 days since she was angry with me, what should i do?
I've talked to my mom and a few aunties around and they all say dont stop texting her because it shows her how much you care about your relationship. My friends saids dont contact her for a few days she'll come around. From my exerpience I've always texted her even if she dont reply. Today I dropped off another set of flowers on her frontstep. what should i do?


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  • Don't stop texting her, send her flowers, do nice things for her. Apologize and be really genuine about it.

    • I once told her what my mom said to help us get back together on our last break up. My mom said dont stop contacting her because she will know you care. My girlfriend agreed and said she's right you have to show you're persistent. But this time she's so set on and tell me "dont be around me please" i have never heard her say that to me thats why im so scared this time. I should buy her flowers once a week and keep texting her and tell her im sorry? Apparently All the Elders tell me this is what i should do.

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  • I think you need to stop pushing, she will pull it back even more.

    Let her cool down for a while. Keep in mind that this is the 3rd time, and it could be very well be the straw that broke the camel back. Give her time to miss you, but if she really have no feeling for you anymore, be prepare to move on.

    • All my buddies say i should stop contacting her to make her feel my absent we been together for a year and we saw each other eevery single day for about 3 months before we were together.

      Al the elders tell me not to stop shower her my love and sincere apologies

    • I think if you keep pushing, she will be sick of you even more.

      If you keep texting her and sending her flower every single day, it will be annoying for her than anything else. At least do something different, because it getting old to her for sure.

    • The only thing that would be new is not talking to her at all.. because I was the one that always apologize and make thing right between our fights

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  • Stop contacting her and reaching out for a few days and see what happens. And do not go by her house any more. After a few days see what happens, let her cool down. Right now you are pushing her further away.

    • thats why i am afraid of too. She would usually go out to smoke but now she won't even go out she's just locking herself in her room playing video games.

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