Really taking breakup hard?

we dated on and off for two years. She was soon crazy about me even a month or so before she ended things sue said she would never give up on me. That last month we were about to move out together. She was dropping everything for me.. ever talking to her mom again and her school funds. It didn't matter before because we would get through it.. then she got really logical on me. The last time I saw her in person she was crying because her mom cussed her out and she said I don't know what to do.. I want you but I don't want to lose my mom. Was hysterical. That last month we were fighting a lot.. but she ended things. Called me next day crying saying I was lying I want you back. We got in more fights then she just ended it for good. She got so distant at the end. She said hurtful things too. She felt like I didn't care or show her anything and she felt used just for sex. I was just so damn busy and looking back she mentioned it a couple times I just never payed attention or knew it was that serious. I know she's young but j just feel like a loser.
She just said she wanted to move on. I've done too much damage and hurt her. cut all contact


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  • Um, thats really sad buddy... hang in there the hurt just means she really ment a lot to you. its ok to be sad cuz sooner or later you'll get over it and find yourself happy again. oh and by the way look up the song "so sick" i personally like the cover of it done by kurt hugo. just look up "so sick kurt hugo" for a song that you really can relate to. hang in there man ;}


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