Girls, who will you choose to stay with?

If you fell in love with someone but you have boyfriend but you know you will surely be happy to the other guy and you felt that his loves was true and both of you really had a great connection but at the same time you're just afraid to leave the current. This situation is hard, whatever will be your decision, there's a heartbreak.

In my situation, she didn't choose me. She said she just can't leave her boyfriend like that, leaving suddenly and she wants us to be friends. After I said that I can't take it anymore to stay friends, the next thing happened is she did let go of me she said she dont wanted to hurt me again and again. It happened 6 months ago. Guys until now, I keep hanging around. I know waiting is really worth it but what if they are destined forever. It really kills day by day. By the decision she made, it's like she choose to hurt more me in the end. The pain is just added. :'(


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  • you need to stop seeing her if it hurts too much to be friends... if she chose her boyfriend over you, its because she loves him more, regardless of the chemistry you both have... if she hasn't changed her mind by now, I'm not sure she will... and I'm speaking from personal experience.
    Dont wait around for someone to fall in love with you, the right person will fall in love with you and have no excuses. Good luck and stay strong

    • I don't know what should I do. If I leave her and say goodbye for the last time because staying friends with her hurt me more and more.. It will hurt her and I don't wanted her to feel that. I really love her, I want to be with her but keeping myself hanging around hurts and can possibly lead to false hope..

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  • I pretty much live by the quote (i think it was Johnny Depp) “if you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second.” I think its only fair because there is something missing in the current relationship if you have that strong of feelings for another.

  • Not to be mean you seem like her safety net. Like if it doesn't work out this guy for whatever reason she might need you to catch her. It sucks that you talked to her knowing she had a boyfriend considering you could've been the main guy & the boyfriend could have been you.

    • I am confused right now..

    • I think I am fooling around..

  • If I'm having the slightest feelings for someone else, it's only fair to the current to leave him.
    I would want that from him. Hesitation means it's over. You're not in love anymore if you have eyes for someone else.

  • Let her go and set your heart free...

    She won't leave him. You WILL be more and more hurt.

    Just let her be

  • If I fell in love with another guy then I would leave my current one for the the one I'm in love with. it would not be hard to leave the current boyfriend but it would be scary because I would be jumping from what seems like a familiar environment to a new relationship that may or may not last. It's a big leap of faith because love can take many different courses and end in many different ways. But knowing the kind of person I am, I would risk getting hurt in order to be with the person I love and hope that we both are happy together.

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